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San Diego Rugby Alumni Association

Wilderness Expedition

Wilderness Expedition

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The Ranch

The Ranch is comprised of about 4,000 acres in fee and is the only access to 20,000+ acres of wilderness BLM land; all of which is surrounded by 300,000+ acres of conservation lands and large cattle ranches, at elevations between 3,900 feet and 5,600 feet.  It is a very rugged wilderness area with a wide variety of wildlife. There are three year round creeks and about a dozen springs throughout the Ranch.  The Ranch begins about 6 miles east of the little town of Twin Oaks, which is about 35 miles north east of the town of Tehachapi.  It is a 45 minute drive time from Bakersfield to the Headquarters of the Ranch.

What to Expect

This is a true wilderness area with no public access.  There is a wide variety of wildlife including deer, bear, cougars, coyotes, reptiles, squirrels, etc. and various migrating species such as ducks and storks, golden eagles, and bats depending on the season.  Vegetation includes pine trees, willows, cottonwoods, junipers, sycamores, and the like. The area has many Native Indian sites and over a dozen abandoned gold mines. You will have the opportunity to explore the Ranch on the 20 miles + of dirt roads in quads and jeeps.  You will be asked to cut down big trees for firewood, help set up and cook meals, tend bar, and help build or repair some of the ranching structures or fixtures.  How you spend your time is up to you, but Cocktail Hour starts each afternoon promptly at 5:30 and everyone is expected back at the Cantina for the event.      

In General

It is best to get to the “HQ” in the early afternoon on Thursday. The next morning we will drive into the “Deliverance Cantina” to get the lay of the land, set up camp, cut fire wood, etc.  You need bring only the basics: sleeping bag, case of shells, shotgun, hiking boots, bright hat or shirt, jeans, jacket, fine Scotch single malt whisky, beer / spirits, cigars, and some snacks.  All meals will be provided. For Friday breakfast we make something simple like coffee, oatmeal, and breakfast roll so as to hit the field early. Friday and Saturday breakfast will be farmer style breakfast with all the fixings.  Lunch will be hot sandwiches and fixings. Sunday will be a regular breakfast.  We will have friendly trap shooting in the evening under the stadium lights.

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