USD Rugby Hall of Fame

The San Diego Rugby Alumni Association created the USD Rugby Hall of Fame (the “Hall of Fame”) in 2019, which is both an award to inductees and an induction ceremony where awards are presented to that year's Hall of Fame inductees. The mission of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor past players and coaches in the USD Rugby Program who have performed at the highest level of skill, talent, contribution, and dedication; celebrate and preserve the legacy of the USD Rugby program; and encourage the future growth and development of the USD Rugby program. 

Hall of Fame inductions shall be a biennial (every two years), at which the Hall of Fame Awards are presented to the then current inductees in the presence of the Board, SDRAA Membership, current USD Rugby players, representatives of the University of San Diego, representatives of other Rugby Organizations, and their respective guests and families. The awards shall consist of a plaque presented to the inductees, entry of the names of the inductees on a permanent plaque, and other like gestures of recognition and appreciation. 

Induction Class