Victory Campaign

Join us in celebrating the USD Rugby team's remarkable achievement as back-to-back national champions for the 2023-2024 seasons! The Victory Campaign aims to honor our champions and support their ongoing success. Your generous contributions will directly fund essential team expenses, including coaching, equipment, travel, training facilities, and longer-term financial planning. Together, we can ensure that USD Rugby continues to excel and uphold its legacy of excellence.

Donors may choose where funds will be directed, either directly to the USD Rugby Team or to the SDRAA Foundation: 

  • Direct to the USD Rugby: Funds allocated directly to the USD Rugby Team will be overseen by the SDRAA, Director of Rugby Kevin Eaton, and team leadership. These funds will be used as needed for ongoing operating expenses such as coaching, travel, and equipment.
  • Direct to SDRAA: Funds allocated to The SDRAA Foundation will be added to the permanent investment fund, which accumulates capital and provides long-term financial support to USD Rugby through annual disbursements of earned interest. Gifts of $5,000 or more will be honored by including donors as members of the SDRAA Founders Club, with their names engraved on the Founders Club Plaque and highlighted on the website.